Board of Directors

Walter Barletta Chairman

Walter Barletta

Walter Ferguson Vice-Chairman

Walter Ferguson

Ginny Yates Treasurer

Ginny Yates


Kirk Frohme

Michael Villalobos Asst. Secretary

Michael Villalobos
Asst. Secretary

Board Profile

A majority of the Authority’s board members are required to be knowledgeable in labor, finance or commerce. Action by the Authority must be by vote of the members, three members constituting a quorum, and the affirmative vote of at least a majority of members present at a meeting constituting the requisite consent.
The Lee County Housing Finance Authority was created as a public body corporate and politic in accordance with the Act and Ordinance No. 81-37 enacted by the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida on August 19, 1981. The Lee County Housing Finance Authority is authorized, in furtherance of the public purposes described in the Act, including alleviating the shortage of affordable residential housing facilities for persons of low, moderate and middle income and providing capital investment in such facilities, to issue its revenue bonds to make loans for the purpose of financing qualified housing developments and to enter into any agreement in connection therewith.
Each member serves for a four-year term. No member receives compensation for services rendered, but each member is reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred.
The Board follows the ethics standards as delineated at (select “Ethics Laws”).
You may contact any board member by writing to them at:

Attn: (board member), Housing Finance Authority of Lee County, Florida, PO Box 2258, Fort Myers, Florida 33902

You can email a board member using the following:,,,,

You can call the HFA of Lee County, Florida at: (239) 334-4003.

Board Affiliations

As members of national and local associations, LCHFA board members maintain knowledge, involvement, and influence in the legislation and impact of local, state, and national industry movements.

Florida ALHFA

Florida ALHFA was founded as a Florida nonprofit corporation consisting of private and public professionals dedicated to financing affordable single-family and multi-family housing in the State of Florida. Its mission is to provide learning and networking opportunities in an environment for local municipal bond issuers and related professionals to share ideas and strategies for providing safe and affordable housing in our communities.

National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies

The National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies (NALHFA), founded in 1982, is the national association of professionals working to finance affordable housing in the broader community development context at the local level. As a non-profit association, NALHFA is an advocate before Congress and federal agencies on legislative and regulatory issues affecting affordable housing and provides technical assistance and educational opportunities to its members and the public. Members are city and county agencies, non-profits, and private firms, such as underwriters, consultants, financial advisors, bond counsels, and rating agencies, which help in producing housing from concept to completion.

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