Mortgage Credit Certificate Program


  • The Lee County Housing Finance Authority’s Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program is a federal income tax credit designed to assist families and individuals to become homeowners
  • With an MCC, a qualified homebuyer is eligible to write off a portion of the annual interest paid on the mortgage as a special tax credit, not to exceed $2,000 per year
  • An MCC is a true “tax credit” that entitles taxpayers to subtract the amount of the credit from their total federal income tax liability each year
  • Because the MCC reduces your federal income taxes and increases your net earnings, it helps you qualify for your first home mortgage
  • The MCC is registered with the IRS and it continues to decrease your federal income taxes each year for as long as you owe amounts on your home mortgage
  • You must have a tax liability to benefit from the annual credit in any given year

Criteria for Eligibility

Participants must:

  • A Homebuyer’s household income and the purchase price of the home must not exceed the program’s maximum limits
  • Homebuyers could not have owned a home in the last three years as their primary residence unless purchasing a home in certain federally-targeted areas. Qualified Veterans are exempt from the first-time home buyer requirement
  • Homebuyers must apply for the MCC through a participating lender
  • Homebuyers must qualify for a mortgage
  • Homebuyer must occupy the home as their principal residence

Learn more about the Mortgage Credit Certification (MCC) Program, including income limits and eligible lending areas, and to obtain a current list of participating lenders, visit the Program Administrator’s website, or call or email:
direct 214-953-4176
Sharon Gonzalez
direct 214-953-4122

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